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Wingspan Comedy - Sketches wanted for live sketch show



  • Tuesday 15th May 2018, 8:42pm
  • London, England
  • 839 posts

Hi all you lovely people.

You'll have seen me pop up here talking about a few opportunities but here's one I'm particularly excited about. A friend of mine runs a charity called BIRD that mentors young (16-25 yr olds) to help build relationships and improve wellbeing through creativity. If you're interested you can find out more about BIRD here:

They've been focused on music so far but now they're hoping to branch out into comedy which is where this comes in. Under the Wingspan name they are hoping to give up and coming creatives a chance to showcase their skills and Wingspan comedy is a chance for writers to get their work performed and actors a chance to get some credits on their CV. And so we're looking to put on a few live nights a year.

But we also want to make sure we're not taking advantage of people so we're looking to split the monies from these live nights roughly 1/3 for BIRD charity, 1/3 for the actors and 1/3 for the writers. So we do aim to pay everyone for sketches that get used and if the night becomes a roaring success the writers, as well as everyone else, will get paid more. Conversely, if we struggle the first few nights you might not be able to buy that new yacht you've always dreamed of.

Just to be clear we're linking up with a few youth organisations to get some young people involved in the writing and acting but it's not exclusively for them. The aim is to put on a good night and give a range of up and coming creatives an opportunity. So don't worry if you're not 16-25 you can still enter. (I've long since passed that bracket)

Sorry for quite a long intro but wanted to try and outline what we're hoping to do. If you'd like to get involved then drop me an e-mail at:
and I'll send you a full brief and template for sketches.

In terms of timings the deadline for submissions will be the end of May, then you'll have until mid-June for rewrites and the live show will be at the start of July. Date and venue is to be confirmed but we're hoping for somewhere in North or East London, Walthamstow is a leading candidate so far.

Any more information required drop us a line or reply to this thread.



  • Thursday 17th May 2018, 3:32pm
  • London, England
  • 839 posts

Thanks for all those who've e-mailed me so far - great to hear people are up for submitting.

And Patrick, that sketch certainly hits a nerve with me so if you're up for submitting it drop us an e-mail and I can let you know how to submit it.

(Alas I won't be able to cut and paste sketches from other templates otherwise might never get a show together!)



  • Sunday 20th May 2018, 11:06am
  • Japan
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Sounds good. I might have a look at submitting something.

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