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Location, Bristol; seeking, comedy partner


Reuben Sugarman

  • Tuesday 8th May 2018, 1:06pm
  • United Kingdom
  • 1 posts

I've always wanted and have always been told I should do stand up... but I've not wanted to do it alone. So I've wanted to find someone to help and encourage (both ways) through the writing, hype and then performing phases... I was thinking of starting it off as a YouTube collaboration... or podcast... until we build a name, then getting on stage... you in?

I have a flat where I usually can be found doing digital illustrations and writing and also printing t shirts of my digital art...

Are you in?

I'm 23, age and gender aren't a thing to me... just need a partner in crime.


Patrick Robinson

  • Tuesday 8th May 2018, 5:10pm
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 71 posts

Hi Reuben, I do open mic stand up and think the best starting point is a class like this one which I really enjoyed in Birmingham

Bristol will have an equivalent. All the best, Patrick

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