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  • Friday 27th April 2018, 11:58am
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Forgot to mention - very nice pin.



  • Friday 1st June 2018, 9:52am
  • Hampshire, England
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Thank to everyone who has become a Supporter so far! We love you. We've just sent our monthly Supporters' email newsletter, revealing what we've been spending your donations on (please email us if you don't get a copy).

For anyone reading this who isn't a BCG Supporter, if you can afford to donate £1 or more, please consider becoming one. We're spending every penny on making this site bigger and better and to support British comedy. Here's just some of the things we've been able to do since we launched Supporters a couple of months ago, thanks to the donations...

1. We have now acquired a substantial set of ITV archive documentation and associated materials, spanning several decades. This will play a vital part in our ongoing research to provide a comprehensive history of British TV comedy. Separately, the donations allowed us to travel to The London Studios, where we rescued a large quantity of materials from the London Weekend Television archive, which we're now storing ourselves.

2. We've been able to create new filters and search tools on our database lists and schedule pages.

3. We've launched the new British Comedy Quiz feature which you might have seen - a fresh range of questions go live each Wednesday.

4. Our new poll software is now finished. Look out for 'The Big Question' each Monday from next week.

5. We've begun work on developing another interview column. We hope to be in a position to publish a new piece every Tuesday from the end of June.

6. We've also commissioned some great new graphics for the site from independent British designers. Some will be seen regularly and others are a bit special. Keep an eye out for them over the coming year.

7. Your donations are also helping us smooth our workload and improve administration and planning, with better tools and more collaboration with our contributors.

One of the key things we'd like to do next is to commission a range of long-read articles on a variety of topics. We'd like to cover both contemporary comedy and the sitcoms and stars of yesteryear, but with such features requiring hours of writing, editing and research, we can't ask people to do it for free. Can you help by becoming a Supporter?

To say thanks for your donation, we've got various perks to offer. The list keeps growing. More info here:


Alfred J Kipper

  • Friday 1st June 2018, 2:42pm
  • Aldershot, England
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I did try a few weeks back but it wouldn't work. I pay through PayPal because it's all set up and easier but it didn't like it anytime I tried. I'll try the visa card if I can scare the moths away. Angy



  • Friday 1st June 2018, 3:05pm [Edited]
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Thanks Alfred, that'd be really appreciated. I think there was an intermittent PayPal issue affecting a few people initially, but most donors now are paying by it so you shouldn't have any problems. :-)

Visa, of course, is even better - and we get even more of what you give. (PayPal have an additional processing fee.)

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  • Wednesday 6th June 2018, 12:50pm [Edited]
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Just signed up, looking forward to going through the archived material!

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