Broken sketch comedy series.



  • Wednesday 31st January 2018, 9:26pm
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Hi there,
Just joined this site.

Looking to write a new broken comedy sketch series, irish family based in London growing up in the 70's .

Have trawled the internet but could do with some input aswell. Looking at a good few Dave Allen pieces though my

sketches are more family related based in the house. Have got most of the material at hand, just an insight on

stringing it together.

Written a comedy feature and hoping to complete this series in the next few weeks before approaching an agent.

Any input very welcomed, cheers



  • Monday 2nd April 2018, 10:28am [Edited]
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I take it the scene will be of a poor setting as most of the Irish families that left did so to try and improve their welfare.
We were but didn't settle in the smoke but the Midlands.
Plenty of love and music and real life drama but very little humour.
Although I am a fan of Dave Allen and no doubt a comical genius, alot of his stuff was borderline stupidity.
Example....Mrs Brown's boys, Young ones etc.
Huge hits so good luck.
I would go for more sketch's rather than just a home scene.
Don't get me wrong the Irish have great humour and I am trying to find an agent myself.
Scene 1
Joe waiting in the bar for his mate,
Sean strolls in, where the the hell have you been, getting me haircut Sean says.
When are you getting it feckin finished.


Frankie Mildly Perturbed

  • Sunday 8th April 2018, 10:18pm
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I believe it's all about the quality of the characters you create and the quality of the 'gags/jokes/skits' or whatever that actually make people laugh.

The actual situation does have a level of importance but no amount of 'situation' is going to make up for poor quality in the character and 'gags/jokes/skits' department.