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The Mash Report. Image shows from L to R: Jason Forbes, Newsreader Tom (Steve N Allen), Newsreader Susan (Ellie Taylor), Nish Kumar, Pierre Novellie, Rachel / Emma (Rachel Parris), Andrew Hunter Murray, Greig Johnson. Copyright: Princess Productions.

The Mash Report

Left-wing topical comedy series inspired by website The Daily Mash and hosted by Nish Kumar


Chris Hallam

  • Monday 20th April 2020, 7:07am [Edited]
  • Exeter, United Kingdom
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Still very effective indeed despite the lockdown format. Some elements work better. Others, less so.
Rachel Parris might well be the biggest success of the show although Nish is usually good and rising stars like Catherine Bohart, Desiree Birch and Geoff Norcott are all good value too.
The News items sometimes suffer from being too ridiculous. The stories about a couple having a monkey in their house and Priti Patel taking her staff to a cockfight didn't really work.
But overall, still great.



  • Monday 11th May 2020, 3:58pm
  • Brighton, United Kingdom
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Can't believe they've only done 4 episodes when there is SO much fodder around at the moment. The Mash team have coped far better than any other show (American ones like The Daily Show & even the brilliant Stephen Colbert!) with the constraints of filming from people's houses during lock-down. In fact they might've even improved! It's testament to the standard of talent. They need to keep going. The broadcaster needs to REVISE THEIR PLANS!



  • Thursday 14th May 2020, 8:14pm [Edited]
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Quote: SGee @ 11th May 2020, 3:58 PM

Can't believe they've only done 4 episodes

They actually did a full 6-week run, same as in the past three series. It was Series 4 though - and I presume, with its month-limit, only the last four are currently on iPlayer.