Big Night Out

Has everyone heard the news about the new Vic Reeves Big Night Out two-part (I think) special that's slated for...actually, I don't know when. Does anyone have any details? I think maybe it's to air around Christmas? Or is that when the League of Gentlemen reunion is airing...I need to make a thread for that too. Except I actually don't, because it's past 2am, and none of you (except zooo) seem interested in those guys (I could be wrong though). Exciting times for me as a LoG and Vic and Bob megafan. I thought I'd long sine missed the party as far as both are concerned, but now there's an after party kicking off. I'm thrilled to say the least!

I have a friend who is trying to get tickets to the taping now, and figured it might be worth putting out a shout out to anyone who might be interested in going to the tapings but hasn't heard about it. Not exactly sure when it's being filmed, but it's fairly soon. I wish it was in August so I could try to go but I think it will be before that.

I was thinking the next Vic and Bob thing would be more Shooting Stars, but I'm very glad it's Big Night Out instead. I think coming off the tail of their 25 year reunion tour where they did a lot of stuff in the Big Night Out format they are in a good position to revisit that sort of a thing. Plus, there are waaaay too many panel shows out there right now. I know Shooting Stars is hardly a "normal" panel show, but I still appreciate that Vic and Bob are doing something a little outside the mainstream. I hope it'll be good.

You wouldn't let it lie.

Oh come now, Herc already laid that one on me a while back when I wouldn't let the Inside No 9 thread lie. Or was that you, too? Haha.

I most certainly will not let it lie. And neither should Vic and Bob. :P They're still young. At least compared to really old people. Bob at least is still coming up with hilarious new material regularly. I don't think they're done just yet. I just wish they would wait until August to tape it, so I could try to go. That would be such a treat.


With this and Twin Peaks it's like it's the 90s again.

And League of Gentlemen reunion, too! I've heard rumours of a full series, or a Christmas special at the least. The timing seems weird, but I'll take it!

Exciting times! Glad I'm not the only one super excited about all this. (Sidenote: I need to watch Twin Peaks!)

Off topic....uh...are you going to the tapings of BNO?

Lol, nope. But good save.

Yes, you must watch Twin Peaks!

I most certainly will. I feel like I need to rewatch the originals first though. It's been a while. Maybe it doesn't matter. What do you think?

And to stay on topic I will add....uhh, vic reeves is going to be on coronation street soon. So says the sidebar I can see on my screen currently. Not entirely relevant, but also not entirely irrelevant. I like his beard.

Yes! I love Vic's straight acting, he should be good. Unfortunately it does mean I'll have to start watching Coronation Street again.

(I planned to rewatch all 30 episodes of Twin Peaks before the new stuff. But it was just too many! I would advise maybe watching all of season 1 (it's only 8 eps) then watch the final episode or two of season 2. And just read the episode guides of the eps in between. That's more or less what I did, and I'm glad I did because I'm not sure I would have remembered some of the characters and plots that come up in season 3.)

He is a surprisingly good actor. Did you watch him in Hebburn? The finale of series one made me cry.

I think I need to just watch Twin Peaks start to finish. I was perpetually very drunk the first time I watched it. Don't remember many of the plotlines or characters! :o

I wonder if Vic and Bob will be using material they wrote for their last tour on this special. I hope it's all new. Though I guess it would be new to me anyway because it seems they didn't record any of the tour dates for a DVD, which makes me very sad indeed.

I hope Les is involved for the simple reason that he's still alive. If Vic keeps the chives at bay I can't see why Les shouldn't join in the caper.

I've got the Big Night Out box set and the documentory about how it all started is very interesting.

Just plain awful.Like watching two old men having a mental breakdown on stage.The bbc should have never brought their act back from the past/dead.The last thing they did together worth watching was CATTERICK.

I loved it!

Bob's wig on a hinge was hilarious.

I loved their Observational Comedy.

Quote: tonecapone @ 31st December 2017, 11:37 AM

Just plain awful.Like watching two old men having a mental breakdown on stage.The bbc should have never brought their act back from the past/dead.The last thing they did together worth watching was CATTERICK.

Did you like it when it was first shown? If you did I can't see how you failed to enjoy it.

I was around 16 in 1995 and loved all their series and have them all on dvd.I say 1995 first because that was REEVES AND MORTIMERS high peak.The BANG BANG series in 1999 was when they started to fade away quite fast.I even went to see CHARLY CHUCK do stand up at the warehouse club in derby in summer 1995 too.There was just to much cringe watching them the other night, they are just too old now and alot of what they did is very of its time now. LEE AND HERRING are very much in the same vein with FIST OF FUN.All acts have their day.

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