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Terry and Ted

  • Monday 20th March 2017, 9:08am [Edited]
  • Teesside, United Kingdom
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We are after some advice and recommendations please.

We are experienced cabaret performers with aspirations to make our mark in the stand up circuit. We've had a handful of gigs so far and entered our act into a few new act comps for later in the year. All have been very well received so far.

We are looking for more support act work and open mic nights to fill out the rest of the year!

Can anyone recommend any New Act Comps and established Open Mic Nights?

Alternatively, if you fancy something madcap, interactive, and fun for your comedy event/night/club - then please do get in touch.


Terrence Tees D'Arby & Ted Hanky


Tom Robins

  • Friday 24th March 2017, 11:35am
  • London, United Kingdom
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Hi Guys,

Is this London based? If so this is the list from the Comedy Collective Facebook group, (Do join if you're not already a member, it's full of people like us!) It's an ongoing list so may not be 100% up to date but can be a good starting point for finding what's happening when and where.


Rats! At Aces & Eights, Tufnell Park.

We Are Funny Dalston from Sept 26th 2016

Jester Jesters

Candlelit Comedy at The Ten Bells (Every other Monday starting from March 2017)
Right Funny Comedy, Battersea -

Nice N' Spiky Comedy at The Regent Pub - Angel Islington (Every Monday)

Cafe Mode Mondays (Every Monday)

Famous First Words @ Gunners (Finsbury Park) -

Jolly Rogers

TNT Night at The Vine (Every Tuesday)

Party Piece

Comedy Cirque

Comedy Beast (weekly at Cafe Mode)

Instant laughs every Tuesday:

Funny That @ Morden Arms (Greenwich) -

Crown the Knave at The Bedford in Balham

The Hideaway Comedy (Every Tuesday)

Comedy in The Crown (Every Tuesday - but just outside London in St Albans, 20 mins by train)


Jesters Presents: Raconteurs Comedy Night(Every Wednesday)

Heavenly Comedy Night

We Are Funny Dalston Wednesday Format Show

Touching Cloth @ The Water Poet (Liverpool St) - every act gets a free HD multi-camera video of their set and a HD MP3 audio in true, balanced stereo -

Fox Trot Comedy (Every Wednesday)


The Freedom Fridge

We Are Funny Dalston Best of Open Mic

Funny roundabout comedy (last Thursday of every month)

Instant laughs every Thursday:

G&B Comedy (every Thursday - Arch1 E16 4BJ -

Funny Feckers (Every Thursday)

Memoirs of a Geezer ( Every other Thursday)

Stitches Comedy Club (Every Thursday) -

Big Nose Comedy (Every Thursday at Boogaloo -

Dalston Chuckles (Third Thursday of every month)

The Sultan Kid Presents Open Mic comedy at the Oddfellows Arms in Apsley (Every 1st Thursday of the month)
The Sultan's Kid Presents The Comedy Loft every 2nd and last Thursday of the month

Criminal Intent @ The Willoughby Arms, Kingston (3rd Friday of Every Month) -


Coffee and Cocktails Joke - 1st Saturday of the month - Londons only Saturday afternoon Open Mic

King William Open Mic (Mixed) -

Sunday Shtick (Every Sunday)

Big Nose Comedy (Every Sunday)-

Rising Star Comedy Club (Fortnightly Sundays) (Bringer)

The Sultans Kid Presents Open Mic comedy at Molloys in Watford (Every Sunday)

Down By The Canal (Last Sunday of Every Month)


Comedy Virgins (Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) (Bringer)

Comedy Heat

Up the creek comedy

Comedy Store London

The 99 club

Find an open mic profile

Downstairs at the kings head

Comedy Bin

Crack Comedy

The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Night

Comedy Horn at The Horn of Plently (Monthly Open Mic Bringer Night)


Terry and Ted

  • Friday 24th March 2017, 12:43pm
  • Teesside, United Kingdom
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Thanks, this is really helpful.

We are based in the North (Leeds and Tesside ( but do plan to visit London again over the summer.

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