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Chorts - 2 Minute Comedy Characters


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  • Friday 3rd February 2017, 4:28pm
  • England
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We've launched a new platform this week to help new comedy writer/performers get noticed.

Creators can submit 2 minute videos showcasing an original comedy character - a Chort (character / short... took us ages to think of that) which then gets posted onto our dedicated page where it can be viewed, shared and liked.  It's free to enter and the best entries submitted by the 24th February will be screened in front of top UK producers and commissioners at the Craft of Comedy Conference 2017 in March/April.

Full details and all the entries so far can be found at -

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Wednesday 8th February 2017, 11:50am
  • Tipperary, Ireland
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This looks like a nice opp. I've thrown in 2 sketches for this. Spruce Watkins and Wildcat Attacks.