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Hello everyone! I am going to introduce myself by basically pasting the Bio I just wrote during account creation, as I think it did a pretty good job.

I have loved stand-up comedy (and stand up comedy in general) since I was very young, I started off listening to old Jasper Carrott records with my Dad, and watching repeats of the Comedians.

My favourite comedians at the moment are James Acaster, Bill Burr, Craig Campbell, Simon Evans and the such-like. I like quite a varied range of comedy, from Peter Kay to Reggie Watts and everything in between.

I have recently created a channel on YouTube called Comic Cuts where I have been finding and uploading clips from my favourite comedians podcasts and radio shows, the link for which can be found here :-

I would be very thoroughly chuffed if you could give it a visit, I'm certain you'd find something you like!

I have been visiting this site for a while, and look forward to meeting the community behind it!

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  • Wednesday 25th January 2017, 9:33am
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Welcome, CC.



  • Wednesday 25th January 2017, 10:19am
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Quote: Hercules Grytpype Thynne @ 25th January 2017, 9:22 AM

You sure you are in the UK? Unimpressed

I'm certain! I'm from Nottingham!

Thanks for the welcomes guys.


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Nottingham? Isn't that where the ham is or us it nott?


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Welcome to the Forum.