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  • Wednesday 1st March 2017, 12:30am
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What did you guys think of Ambassadors (with Mitchell and Webb). I would have liked to have had another series. But as a one-off 3-episode thing, it was pretty good.



  • Wednesday 1st March 2017, 12:48am
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I really enjoyed it and would definitely have watched more.


John M

  • Monday 16th April 2018, 10:59pm
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More episodes of The High Life would've been great - the setting had a lot of other potential story arcs just waiting to be explored. Ronnie Barker's Clarence is another favourite, but as it was his final sitcom before he formally retired, I read somewhere that he forewarned viewers not to get too attached to the character as it wouldn't be going beyond six episodes - although not everyone's cup of tea, I enjoy the gentleness of it. I recall seeing a few episodes of Big Top - an interesting idea, but just didn't take to it.



  • Wednesday 18th April 2018, 9:58pm
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Quote: WarmWasp @ 22nd February 2017, 7:35 PM

Five of my favourite comedy shows were sadly one series, though perfect in their one series entirity:

- The Armando Iannuci Show
- Human Remains
- Nathan Barley
- Catterick

Every episode perfect. It's these one series shows which make me proud of the British comedy tbh. Unlike some of the tiresome 24-episode US series' which soon outlive their popularity and originality.

Great list. Some of my favourites as well. Was just rewatching Nathan Barley yesterday. Julian Barratt was so gorgeous and young! Catterick is a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. So good.


Alfred J Kipper

  • Friday 20th April 2018, 11:59am
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Some of the shows above I haven't watched but have either read about or have some inkling about one or two. My question - Are posters sure they are not confusing series with serials? They are completely different things though often look similar in a half hour format.

IE. Some shows are only created as a single series with a definite end to that narrative even if it has six episodes. One of my favourites from this once more common format was Tutti Frutti I think early 90s.

Quote: Tursiops @ 30th January 2017, 10:15 PM

I seem to recall a few attempts around that time to make Enn Reitel a star. Another was Mog, written by Clement & la Frenais. He can't claim he didn't get the writers. But Mog ran to two series so I am drifting of topic.

A forgotten minor gem, I loved it, C&Laf's excursion into silly non serious subject comedy, it was a hoot.

Another Enn Reitel goody was Lucky Jim which also vanished without a trace since, and I'm pretty sure was just the one series unless I'm wrong. I'll look it up...


Michael Monkhouse

  • Saturday 21st April 2018, 11:35am
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Enn Reitel did voices for Spitting Image and Canned Carrott and was also on Whose Line... I often use this fact to break the ice at parties. I dson't get invited to parties much.



  • Wednesday 30th May 2018, 12:54pm
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I'd like to have seen more Whites and Campus


Tommy Griff

  • Monday 15th October 2018, 12:58am
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Mrs. Merton and Malcolm



  • Monday 22nd October 2018, 7:55pm
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I remember Odd Man Out. I've watched it once and I thought it was bad. I don't think this suited John Inman at all. For me it was a utter disaster.



  • Monday 6th May 2019, 2:21am
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Bit of a tangent but just spotted that Tutti Frutti is currently on iPlayer.