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  • Sunday 17th July 2016, 12:11am
  • Norwich or Southampton, United Kingdom
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Hello all,

New to this, and new to comedy. I've done a couple of open mic nights, and have had good feedback, so I think I'm here for the long run.

Quick question, does any one know of any still active open mic nights in the following regions;
East Anglia (mostly Norfolk and Suffolk)

I'm having a bit of trouble to get some good ones nailed down.

All the best,

(structure a bit like an email... never mind)



  • Monday 25th July 2016, 1:28am
  • Oregon USA, United States
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I don't live in the UK so I can't help with venues, but I commend you for taking the plunge and doing open mics. I never quite got that far. The writing part was fine...the talking part was just too daunting. So props to ya!

What's your style?



  • Monday 25th July 2016, 8:58am
  • Norwich or Southampton, United Kingdom
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Thanks for that:) still very new to it all but been doing Ok, I reckon I've got a good 10/15 min routine that works. But am I always adding bits and moving bits.
Style is a bit mixed, few one liners, narrative bits and a bit of audience chatting/improv. I kind of like my mixed style but I thin I lean more towards the one liners but with links.

What sort of things do you do?