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  • Sunday 19th June 2016, 9:06am [Edited]
  • harlow, England
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I'm just a guy with a head full of funnies. I hope all; most; some; any of it is funny to anyone other than myself. I'm in Asia at the mo' and although all the people laugh when I read my stuff they can't understand English so I don't know what to think.

I sat down this morning and wrote a couple of thousand words. Is it OK to paste it HERE? I don't care if people use it. It's free for anyone.

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Will Cam

  • Sunday 19th June 2016, 8:54pm
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Very poor form no one saying hello to a newbie, so welcome fancycarp.


Paul Wimsett

  • Monday 20th June 2016, 8:31am
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
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Sorry, hello fancycarp.

It's better if you post in showcase or critique, but you do as you feel fit.