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Jokers Wild. Barry Cryer. Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

Jokers Wild

Lively panel game in which two teams of top comics compete for laughs on a randomly selected topic

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  • Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 2:39pm [Edited]
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Yes, I had read that, with dodgy antiques I expect, and they are all guilty of telling mostly old chestnuts, which is inevitable I suppose BUT it's also the telling of them - that is getting the joke right in the first place, not killing it with detail and remembering/getting the punch line right.

Here's how NOT to tell the quite funny 3 legged chicken joke :- (watch Billy Dainty and Co. fall about laughing as Martine digs himself into a pit)

The twat is about to tell/not tell the joke at about 7:10.............