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  • Thursday 26th May 2016, 4:59pm
  • Rochester, England
  • 29 posts

Can I make a suggestion? If you have good acting skills, after you tell the first gag and it only gets a giggle, pretend to phone the scriptwriter on your mobile to complain. Something like "Is that John? It's me. Yes, I'm on stage now and I can tell you, these jokes are not going down. When I met you in the Dog and Duck last night, you assured me you were a professional scriptwriter. And I paid you that £10 in good faith. That's a big chunk of my Benefits money, believe me. Now, I want YOU to stay on the line while I finish this set"
After each joke, you report back to John. "That was ok but no belly laughs!" or "That was awful, I DEMAND A £1 REFUND on that one, John. IN CASH!"

The above is just a suggestion for which I'm not being paid. So if you or any other bloggers don't like the idea, please don't insult me. Some bloggers on this website are very critical.



  • Tuesday 20th September 2016, 11:31pm
  • England
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is that an act? like, they're bad jokes and you keep checking the paper - is it ironic? I don't mean that badly, but if it's not you should probably stop with all of those jokes. You're not treading any new ground, and the audience can feel your awkwardness.. I found it all a bit painful to be honest, I used to film comedy nights and had to watch a lot like this..either amp up the awkardness and turn it into a "thing" or try a totally different approach