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Loved the story of the streams of urine running down the aisles when the girls pissed themselves with excitement. Took a bit of the glamour away.

Tony Selby, Corporal Marsh in Get Some In, Bert in Mulberry and 135 other credits on IMDB. Age 83.

Yes, my wife read that out from her newspaper tonight - RIP Mr Selby.

Get Some In was OK, but didn't quite come up to The Army Game standard imo.

The first series of Get Some In was brilliant. 'Cigarette for the corporal, 'light for the corporal' and Three F Smith are well remembered lines.

RIP Mr Selby.

RIP. Had cameos in several sitcoms, including The Good Life, as did fellow Get Some Inner Lindsay, Bless This House, Two's Company. I was certain he was in an episode of Some Mothers as well, and sort of sure he popped up in Rising Damp but no mention of these on IMDB. He probably just had that kind of face you think you've seen everywhere. But I see on there he was a regular in Mulberry, something I haven't seen, but often mentioned on here.

Nope not Rising Damp

He used to turn up in the Sweeney and Minder

I can picture him in a police officer's uniform for some reason - perhaps it will come to me later, when I'm having a shit. Good place for searching "the files", providing you're not reading a book or newspaper.

Maria Mendiola, one half of Baccara of Yes, sir, I can Boogie fame. The first female duo to reach number one in the UK and still the highest selling record by a female duo. Age 69.

RIP Norm Macdonald

A very funny man.

Loved his Letterman and Burt Reynolds impressions on Saturday night live, but his incessant jokes about OJ Simpson on the weekend update section are brilliant and allegedly the reason he was sacked from SNL

RIP Jimmy Greaves

Sad day,
Will be doubly missed at today's London Derby.

Quote: Steve Sunshine @ 19th September 2021, 10:56 AM

RIP Jimmy Greaves

"It's a funny old game, Saint" - died earlier this year, now they are together.

RIP Mr Greaves.