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  • Monday 18th April 2016, 9:13pm
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How on earth did I completely miss Believe Nothing?

And Timothy West is always worth a watch.

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  • Tuesday 19th April 2016, 11:02pm
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Quote: Ivor Hardy @ 18th April 2016, 3:50 PM BST

Not sure this is a lesser known sitcom but I'll say The Lovers with Richard Beckinsale.

And Paula Wilcox of course who subsequently appeared in Man About The House and is now in Boomers.



  • Wednesday 20th April 2016, 10:47am [Edited]
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Adrian Edmondson in the abysmal Teenage Kicks.

John Cleese and Geoffrey Palmer in Whoops Apocalypse.

Richard Wilson and Geoffrey Palmer in Hot Metal.



  • Wednesday 20th April 2016, 9:01pm
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I quite like Teenage Kicks!


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  • Wednesday 20th April 2016, 9:31pm
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Ade Edmondson and David Mitchell in Doctors & Nurses.



  • Wednesday 20th April 2016, 9:33pm [Edited]
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Beast with Alexander Armstrong.
And TLC with Reece Shearsmith. (Oh, and Alexander Armstrong, weirdly.)



  • Wednesday 20th April 2016, 9:42pm [Edited]
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Some of those mentioned had decent runs and are fondly remembered (and not just by me).

A few that I have dragged from the dingier recesses of my mind:

Bloomers with Richard Beckinsale. (His last sitcom and quite decent.)

Pay and Display with James Bolam. (A failed ITV attempt at reviving the peak time sitcom.)

Losers with Leonard Rossiter. (The great Alan Coren discovered that sitcom was not his metier.)

Sorry I'm A Stranger Here Myself with Robin Bailey. (Not a highlight on Peter Tilbury's CV.)



  • Thursday 21st April 2016, 11:36am
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I used to enjoy Beast, although it did seem a bit formulaic after a while. I also recall a very attractive young lady in it who used to be in Grange Hill...

And, Bloomers! Yes, I must check that out. Looks like there's some episodes on YouTube!



  • Thursday 21st April 2016, 12:57pm
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Steve Moffats .....Joking Apart



  • Saturday 29th July 2017, 1:09am
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I would add these few:-

Odd Man Out - John Inman
Curry & Chips - Eric Sykes
Roll Over Beethoven - Nigel Planner
A Small Problem - Christopher Ryan



  • Tuesday 1st August 2017, 3:31pm
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How about Thora Hird in "our's is a nice house".

Terry Scott & Mollie Sugden in "Son Of The Bride".