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Newbie (?) advice needed



  • Wednesday 30th March 2016, 8:12pm
  • surrey, England
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Am I a newbie?

certainly not to making people laugh...but to writing jokes definitely,

Im reading a book about writing humour etc and have started writing jokes which is fun, but am wondering....

what do I do to improve my joke writing ?

id like to do standup eventually, would be a great challenge I think.

thanks :)



  • Thursday 31st March 2016, 6:12am
  • England
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This is the right forum for opportunities, just browse the old threads.



  • Thursday 31st March 2016, 11:14pm
  • West Sussex, England
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Why not post something that you have written on the critique board for people to comment on and see how it could be improved?


kate to the party

  • Thursday 14th April 2016, 3:31pm
  • England
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I guess think about what you find funniest personally -think of the jokes that have made you laugh the most and then try and work out why they makes you laugh so much.

A good tip I hear/read a lot is that the element of surprise is especially funny, i.e. taking a joke in a completely different direction to the one the audience expects.

Hope that helps!



  • Monday 25th April 2016, 10:54am
  • Auckland, New Zealand
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Exaggeration is always good and don't always go with the obvious.


The Producer

  • Wednesday 27th April 2016, 11:17am
  • England
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As well as the things others have aloready mentioned, especially analyzing jokes that make you and the audience laugh, by far the best book I've come across about writing jokes themselves (rather than books that talk about sitcoms) is The Serious Guide to Joke Writing by Sally Holloway.