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BBC Writersroom Feedback Exchange


The Comedy Crowd

  • Tuesday 15th March 2016, 10:54am
  • England
  • 15 posts


BBC Writersoom submissions opened yesterday and in The Comedy Crowd we are running a feedback exchange programme amongst our members for those wishing to submit (open until 4th April). For more details check out our latest newsletter -

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Paul Wimsett

  • Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 9:46am
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
  • 3,379 posts

I must get down to editing my Writersroom entry for submission. The trouble is my prose is so dull. I've decided that I can't write my usual knockabout stuff and have to calm down a bit. I think I gone too far the other way.


Lawrence Diamond

  • Friday 25th March 2016, 11:35am
  • England
  • 53 posts

Ok, I'm game.

I had my script picked up recently by Sitcom Geeks on their ten page challenge so I'm looking for writers who of about that level for feedback on my nearly finished Writers Room script.

Are you good enough that James Cary can spend nearly 25 minutes talking about everything you did wrong? Wave