Mesmerized by Ping in Ed Reardon's Week on Radio

Ed Reardon's Week. Ed Reardon (Christopher Douglas). Copyright: BBC.

Ed Reardon's Week

Radio sitcom following curmudgeonly 50-something writer Ed Reardon, and his flawed attempts to escape poverty via literary success


arth roceph

  • Thursday 10th March 2016, 11:30pm
  • Spain
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I listened to my first Ed Reardon's Week this week, maybe my working late has always caused me to miss it, though I see it's series 10 ... may be I have no excuses.

Anyhow, I wanted just want to say that I'm mesmerized by Ping ... to be specific, her voice. Maybe it's just a personal impression, to me there's a fizziness in her voice that makes it really appealing. Besides that, there's the speed, clarity and various voice impressions that have me riveted.

From the factsheet on this website, it's Barunka O'Shaughnessy though looking (listening rather) through clips on YouTube, it's not actually her natural voice.

Are there are any other listeners to Ed Reardon here who have perhaps also recognised this, or, indeed, have not, and find it just a passable voice for the part?



  • Friday 11th March 2016, 8:38am [Edited]
  • Italy
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You have no excuse. It's one of the great radio comedies. Barunka O'S lights up every episode for me. Great character, superbly written, beautifully played. She has played Ping in series 2 and 5-10. Took over from Sally Hawkins twice and nailed the role. She's a mate of Chris Douglas, as are many of the cast. It helps to explain why the ensemble works so well.