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Open relationships


comedywriter dude

  • Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 9:51am [Edited]
  • Australia
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open relationships , hands up if you know someone that is or has been in an open relationship?

I had a friendthat's a girl who is in an open relationship

and she said to me that the main thing in being in an open relationship is trust that he won't see the same person again.

If he sees the same person more than a few timesthat's cheating.

and if he wants to see her again he needs her permission

If he doesn't follow them rules it's cheating.

I mean obviously that's the entire thing its like legal cheating.

Its a very interesting underground type of dating I found interesting.

what does make them angry is if they don't tell them there cheating?

that just trips my mind out, I mean an open relationships they still can cheat

the difference is if they don't tell you that there cheating

thers also a rule that they cannot fall inlove with the person there cheating with?

Okay you gave me herpes from a random, I can forgive that

but God damn why didn't you tell me you seen him more than once?



  • Saturday 5th March 2016, 2:02pm [Edited]
  • Coventry, England
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its an interesting subject but, to me , one that has been covered lots of time before. So think it's a really tough subject unless you are going in an original direction with it. The sketch that probably stunned me on this type of subject was the Chris Morris / blue jam sketch when he is justifying cheating on his wife.

It seems to me that the observation is interesting / funny but not sure it works as a 2-3 min monologue .

Also I did find it a little tough to read because you used the word 'there' quite a bit when I think you meant the word 'their' hope that doesn't sound like snobby or not picking to you , truly not meant to be. Reason I mention it is that you want your writing to flow and be a smooth read. Makes it easier for the reader to enjoy , relax and, hopefully, laugh