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  • Wednesday 19th August 2015, 8:09pm [Edited]
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Hi. I have a question. Many second series of shows have been broadcast this year , but strangely there has been no release date for any of them. The shows are: Count Arthur Strong, Yonderland, House of Fools and You Me and Them. Remember they are the second series . I was inputs wondering if anyone knew of a release date for any of them.

Also I never got to watch Series 1 and 2 of The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern , and was wondering when it will be released . Maybe when series 3 has ben broadcast a boxset could be released.




  • Wednesday 19th August 2015, 10:14pm
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I wouldn't be surprised if Brian Pern and You, Me & Them are never released, sadly. No information on the others, but releases around Christmas would be a good guess.