Live At The Apollo - Series 10

Details for the new series have been revealed. Line-ups are:

Episode 1 - Sarah Millican with guests Joe Lycett and Russell Kane
Episode 2 - Jason Manford with guests Chris Ramsey and Doc Brown
Episode 3 - Frankie Boyle with guests Simon Evans and Aisling Bea
Episode 4 - Jon Richardson with guests Sara Pascoe and Nathan Caton
Episode 5 - Hal Cruttenden with guests Justin Moorhouse and Tom Stade
Episode 6 - Danny Bhoy with guests Miles Jupp and Lee Nelson

What I'm interested in is, at a time when the BBC has insisted that all of their panel shows should have at least one women on each episode, there are only three women on during this entire series.

They are, at least, all particularly very funny women.

I agree with you there.

I don't know if the vast majority of female comedians would appreciate their inclusion being mandated as opposed to their getting there by merit... but I don't know any female comedians personally so maybe they would.

Cracking line up on the Christmas special tonight. Particularly pleased to see Laura Lexx finally getting the mainstream recognition she deserves

The Christmas Special wasn't particularly special but Laura was a cheerful and pleasant addition to the lineup.

It took Sarah Millican a full eight seconds to get from her opening line to a joke about bodily functions. I do wish somebody would take Sarah aside and explain to her that although sex and bodily functions can be mined endlessly for comedy material, not everything that comes out of a goldmine is necessarily gold.

Sarah is, in fact, Mrs Gary Delaney but I don't dwell on that as some things, once imagined, cannot be unimagined.

Gary, in the headline spot, was his usual funny self.

I've no idea what series this is or if it's a repeat, but tonight's was superb!!

(apparently this series - thanks Aaron :) )

Sarah Millican as host - so rude! :P Joe Lycett - first time I'd seen him in stand-up and very good he was too, and finally one of my faves, Russell Kane was as usual absolutely brilliant.

Millican (Meh)
Lycett (bril)
Kane (Meh)

That sounds like a good line-up. I remember watching Sarah Millican years ago, around the tail end of that late 00s and early 10s period of BBC One stand-up. McIntyre, Bishop, Bridges, you know.

Sitcom, off topic I know, but is that you with 'the Pasc'? Ding dong....