New Dad's Army film

Dad's Army. Image shows from L to R: Private Frazer (Bill Paterson), Private Joe Walker (Daniel Mays), Corporal Jack Jones (Tom Courtenay), Sergeant Arthur Wilson (Bill Nighy), Captain George Mainwaring (Toby Jones), Private Godfrey (Michael Gambon), Private Frank Pike (Blake Harrison), Rose Winters (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Copyright: Universal Pictures / DJ Films.

Dad's Army

The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard is thrown into disarray with the arrival of a beautiful female journalist in the town


Paul Wimsett

  • Wednesday 8th October 2014, 5:55pm
  • Folkestone, United Kingdom
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Depends on your definition on the word "work"?

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  • Wednesday 8th October 2014, 7:01pm [Edited]
  • Welwyn Garden City, England
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The success of this show owed everything to the characterisations of the original cast; simply recasting is not going to cut it, and re-imagining is not an option. They can hardly go down the Star Trek route and have the young Dad's Army.

Also the appeal to nostalgia was very much of its time. Nostalgia for nostalgia is not going to cut it.

Throw in the abysmal track record of the makers and it is a surefire miss.

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A Horseradish

  • Wednesday 8th October 2014, 9:26pm [Edited]
  • United Kingdom
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Saw this being advertised somewhere else today. I would like it to work but have some serious doubts.

Looking at the cast list, I was thinking about the characters and how stereotypical they were. The more stereotypical, the more I felt the ones chosen might just carry it off. Which led me back to Mainwaring because I now feel he is the most unique. He is also more of the lynchpin than I recognised. So if that one is wrong, then all of it could become wrong and I'm not at all sure they have made the right choice there.

Plus filming is in Yorkshire. They originally filmed it in Essex but Walmington-on-Sea was surely meant to be in Kent? Whether Yorkshire can ever look like Kent I don't know. Perhaps just about near Filey or Brid.


Rico El Vista

  • Wednesday 8th October 2014, 10:24pm [Edited]
  • Scotland
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A bad idea---on par with the abomination that was Carry On Columbus. Just too many of the original cast long gone---I can only think of one surviving member.

This will be Dad's Army in name only------even the hardcore fans of the original series must know this is a non-starter.



  • Wednesday 8th October 2014, 11:37pm
  • Japan
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The cast for this movie is superb.

Whether the writing will match it is obviously going to be the big thing. The writer did a really good job with Johnny English Reborn (much better than I expected) though so there is some hope.

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Will Cam

  • Wednesday 8th October 2014, 11:55pm [Edited]
  • England
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I saw a local production a couple of years ago of three episodes and the actors all did an excellent job. They were however using original Croft&Perry scripts.

I will not be paying to watch this at the pictures (not the movies!). I will probably start to watch it when it hits Sky and turn over when I can't take any more.

He said, optimistically.....


Rico El Vista

  • Thursday 9th October 2014, 8:48am [Edited]
  • Scotland
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I will probably watch it as I support most UK films, but I'm not expecting great things from this---but who knows, if my expectations are low, I might be pleasantly surprised.



  • Thursday 9th October 2014, 9:34am [Edited]
  • Ludlow, England
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Quote: Will Cam @ 8th October 2014, 11:55 PM BST

I will not be paying to watch this at the pictures (not the movies!).

I think this is the key point.
I just don't think there is a cinema audience for this.
It will have to make a lot of DVD sales to pay for that cast list.



  • Thursday 9th October 2014, 11:59am
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Quote: A Horseradish @ 8th October 2014, 9:26 PM BST

Plus filming is in Yorkshire. They originally filmed it in Essex


Quote: A Horseradish @ 8th October 2014, 9:26 PM BST

but Walmington-on-Sea was surely meant to be in Kent?

It's Kent in the existing film, but generally accepted as East Sussex in the TV series.


Marc P

  • Thursday 9th October 2014, 12:47pm
  • England
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Not opposed with a good new story. Don't like Walker casting, not sure about Main Wearing but judging by others I imagine he should be good. They will need to get the story going quick smart so people move away from the comparisons as soon as possible.

I was just going to say Norfolk!

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  • Thursday 9th October 2014, 2:22pm [Edited]
  • Welwyn Garden City, England
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Quote: Marc P @ 9th October 2014, 12:47 PM BST

Don't like Walker casting, not sure about Main Wearing

Mays is an awful actor; Jones is excellent but Lowe is an impossible act to follow.

Not sure about Nighy; with his natural diffidence you would think it would work, but then I though he would make a good Slartibartfast...

Difficult to imagine Courtney giving a performance as broad as Dunn, but that is not necessarily a bad thing...

Patterson and Gambon are good actors but Lawrie and Ridley were one-offs.

Have they said who will play the rest of the cast: Hodges, the Vicar, the Verger, Mrs Pike etc?

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  • Thursday 9th October 2014, 4:10pm
  • Surreyish., England
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I don't think Toby Jones as Mainwaring will work because he doesn't seem pompous or arrogant enough.