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  • Monday 11th January 2016, 7:24pm
  • United Kingdom
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Although aware this thread is old, the fact that it has found its way back up the board means it might be a good place to make a suggestion.

I have also dabbled in satirical news site, albeit a local one, at After a slow start it built up a fair following and a couple of the posts got shared 10k+ times on Facebook. The popularity was a pain as it caused the site to frequently crash. I upgraded my hosting several times but ended up commuting to a £30pm Virtual Server. Before long I was having to also upgrade the RAM as it still couldn't cope.

My proper job then got a bit more demanding so I was unable to devote the time to write decent stories so ended up having long gaps without anything new on there and when I did manage to find time to do a story, when I read it back it seemed lazy and forced. Eventually, I just drifted away from doing it.

Anyway, having read through this thread, the two sites mentioned do not appear to have been updated in a while so assume free time is also an issue for those people. At the same time, sites like thedailymash, newsthump and eveningharold seem to be doing quite well for themselves.

So, how about a satirical news site run by a few of us? I still have the server and would be happy to knock-up a Wordpress site or a bespoke one. It is not going to get anyone rich quick as there will be the risk of extra costs should the server need more upgrading if it really takes off (alas, I could not justify to the wife shelling out even more money for a hobby) and it is unlikely to bring in a great deal of cash until it is established. However, thedailymash employs full time writers so there is a living in these sites.

What does anyone think? Maybe a core team of people (I would contribute articles but would have a lot of time tied up in developing and maintaining the site) with an open offer to anyone on here to contribute just to get some of their work out there?



Crystal Apple

  • Wednesday 4th May 2016, 3:14am
  • Sydney, Australia
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I'd be in on this if you wanted someone to contribute. I'm brand new, no experience whatsoever and thus am not asking for money. I've written samples of Australian news satire which would obviously not be relevant for this but am happy to write some British samples if this gets off the ground



  • Wednesday 4th May 2016, 8:53am
  • England
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You might want to spread your wings a little wider CA, consider NewsThump or the Onion.

Or maybe Australia's own Shove

Either way I wouldn't assume posting in a dusty, old thread is the best way to get in touch.