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The 10ish Minute Show ep2


Michael Hughes

  • Saturday 29th March 2014, 3:05pm [Edited]
  • England
  • 119 posts


Episode 1 will be uploaded in the next day or two. Just thought I'd get the ball rolling for ep.2. Same deal as before: short audio sketches (under two mins). No themes, just make it funny. Also try and set up the premise as quickly as possible; we had lots of funny ideas but it took forever to get to the good bits!

Please format it like a radio sketch. Put your name, the episode you are submitting for (ep.2), the title of your sketch as a header and number the pages.

I'll let the people who got stuff in ep.1 tomorrow.

Follow us at @CORRsketches on twitter.

Send to

Oh, and the deadline for ep. 2 is 8th of April.


David Salisbury

  • Friday 4th April 2014, 9:42pm
  • Reading, England
  • 201 posts

Just sent you a couple of things. Fortunately I thought the deadline was today so you are getting it days and days earlier than I'd normally send anything!



  • Saturday 5th April 2014, 10:51am
  • sunderland, England
  • 1,130 posts

2 sent off for me too


Michael Hughes

  • Sunday 6th April 2014, 3:58pm
  • England
  • 119 posts

Groovydude. Yes, it's still a two sketch limit may up it for ep. 3.

Everyone, thanks for all the sketches so far. Meeting Rob and Sarah for a read through on Friday. May even get two episodes out in April, will keep you all updated.

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