The Moodys (Australian sitcom)



  • Friday 21st March 2014, 4:18am [Edited]
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This is fairly funny. But this review from IMDB is priceless!

"My last name is actually Moody and I am the last of us in this part of my family line. do I get any rights to this seeing as they used my last name as the name of the show? I know there are other Moody's out there So maybe we should stand up and not let them make a mockery or comedy with the use of our last name. The name Moody actually comes from the Saxon word for Warrior, which has nothing to even do with comedy. My family is a stronger silent type, not the funny comedic type. So maybe change the name that doesn't make people look at us like we are "Funny" cause I am not. I am not trying to be mean or badmouth this show. I would just like it if they would change the name of it."



  • Friday 21st March 2014, 9:07pm
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Another fine surname dragged through the comedy muck. Thank God my last name is extremely uncommon and unpronounceable to half the population so I'll never have to suffer this kind of indignity.

The Moody's Christmas series was enjoyable and Mark Heap was briefly in it. Can't get enough Heap. Haven't got to this series yet.