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Open submission for radio show



  • Thursday 27th February 2014, 9:11pm [Edited]
  • East Lothian, Scotland
  • 3 posts

Hello funny people.

We're looking for contributors for our new radio show dedicated to all things funny.
Radio Saltire is a community station so unfortunately we can't pay you but if you send us anything please send links to any websites, social media sites and gigs you're doing, we'll put it all on the website with a credit for your work. You'll also be credited in the show.We have listeners all over the world with a big fanbase in the states and New Zealand (not sure how that happened but we're not complaining.)

We're looking for sketches, jokes, one liners and if you're a musical comedian looking for some exposure we'd love to play your songs on our show.

We're not looking for anything specific, there's no theme, as long as it's funny and suitable for a radio show broadcasting in the afternoon we'll use it.

If you're interested please send any submissions to or private mail, please put in the message if you want your forum name to be used or your real name and links to any sites, twitter, upcoming gigs.... and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The show is once a week so there's a good chance your work will be used.

We're also looking for comedians to come in to be guests on the show. We're just getting started but have booked a few Scottish comedians in for the first few shows. If you have any gigs in or around Edinburgh coming up get in touch and we'll get you on the show closest to your gig.

We look forward to reading your work (hopefully) :D


Judgement Dave

  • Thursday 27th February 2014, 10:35pm
  • Manchester, England
  • 498 posts

Just a few quick questions: for sketches, how many performers do you have? What gender? Can they do accents? Etc

What's the deadline or deadlines?

When's the show going out?



  • Thursday 27th February 2014, 10:54pm
  • East Lothian, Scotland
  • 3 posts

We have 4 performers, 2 male, 2 female. Only one of the guys is any good at accents, he previously worked for a radio show doing prank calls.

The show will go out from 1 till 4 every Thursday.

The first deadline is 12th March.



  • Thursday 6th March 2014, 7:32pm
  • sunderland, England
  • 1,130 posts

Do you have any links to some material from previous shows so we can get the tone right?

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Thursday 6th March 2014, 7:46pm
  • Malaga and Brighton, United Kingdom
  • 2,221 posts

Are we allowed to be rude about Alex Salmond?



  • Sunday 9th March 2014, 7:17pm
  • Leeds, England
  • 572 posts

If you see any one-liners of mine either on here in Critique or on the twitter feed, feel free to use them. Just let me know if you do please.


The Producer

  • Friday 21st March 2014, 11:55pm
  • England
  • 302 posts

I got a response to say they were planning to use mine in the 1st show - I think I sent in stuff pretty early though



  • Monday 24th March 2014, 12:51pm
  • England
  • 638 posts

Did the email mention when episode one will be broadcast, or when the submission window for episode two begins?


Michael Monkhouse

  • Wednesday 21st May 2014, 9:03am
  • Eternal City, Italy
  • 3,456 posts
Quote: The Producer @ 21st March 2014, 11:55 PM GMT

I got a response to say they were planning to use mine in the 1st show

Me too. Has anyone heard more?

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