I need your help!

Hi strangers! Wave

I need a favour...

I have a short 10 question survey that I need parents with children under 10 years old to answer. If the parents on here wouldn't mind filling it in, and if anyone else wouldn't mind sharing it on facebook (or wherever) I would be eternally grateful!


Thank you!!!

I don't have any children, can I fill it in anyway?

No, you'll have to acquire some children first. I'm not saying how you have to acquire them, though, so it all depends on how much you want to fill out my survey...

Do they have to be human children?

Human or Martian, but not Venusian as we don't want to sample that group. Call me a racist, but Venusians always give off a dense air.

(Was that an astronomy joke? yes it was. Deal with it.)

I'm trying to.

What? No parents on here? That might be a good thing... ;)

My daughter is 22 but acts like a 10 year old sometimes...I could fill it in from memory...

I've just done it.

Mention of play acting reminded me of one of the comments beneath this clip - a memory of playing obscure BBC educational show Slim John.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jeds-FKl9F8 What a random thing to have turned into playground funitude.

Ta very much :)

I don't have children but my fiance could be classed as a child sometimes...

I think if I allowed for people's occasionally infantile significant others I would be overwhelmed with results!

I did it!

Thank you!