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  • Sunday 26th January 2014, 11:34pm [Edited]
  • Leeds, England
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Quote: blahblah @ 26th January 2014, 5:21 PM GMT

Do people think it's safe to upload our rejects in critique?

Depends how thick your skin is. :P



  • Monday 27th January 2014, 1:17pm [Edited]
  • England
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I could be wrong, but from the credits it doesn't sound like many/any open subs got on most of the episodes.

Just my opinion, and it might just be because I haven't got anything on, but I don't think we were given the best chance. They asked for future sketches of what the everyday would sound like in 500 years, yet they went with a lot of modern day premises and, in truth, a lot of them aren't really the every day, they're more esoteric.

It kind of feels like what they asked for and what they recorded changed it the script editing process.



  • Monday 27th January 2014, 1:29pm
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I think it's a classic problem that in these internet days writing and submitting is so easy, that any open access show is swamped.

Say you got as a modest estimate 1000 entries and you've got 3 sketeches an entrant and 3 people to read them. Now go into critique and start reading a 1000 sketches. In reckon by number 15 you'll see why most shows reject quickly anything that doesn't match their profile and rewrites instead.

I'd say the only option is to be brutal and say one entrance of 150 words per writer.


Judgement Dave

  • Monday 27th January 2014, 4:21pm
  • Manchester, England
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I'll admit that I've not yet listened to them all, but what I heard didn't strike me as matching the brief we were given.

It's possible that they changed their minds after publishing the brief, but I'd reckon you're more likely to get suitable sketches from open submissions if the brief matches what you end up broadcasting.



  • Monday 27th January 2014, 4:22pm
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The original brief seemed very similar to the one for SWYW, and I felt they were trying for something similar to the sci-fi and fantasy episode of that series. But somewhere along the way they either changed their mind or lost their bottle.

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Monday 27th January 2014, 11:03pm
  • Nottingham, England
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Listened to six. Some poor sketches. The sketches with returning characters were the weakest, I assume these were some of the staff writers work.

On the plus side the intro actually delivered some jokes and got some of the best laughs, so they did change things a little.

Ah well, onwards and Newsjack upwards...


Matt Fishwick

  • Tuesday 25th February 2014, 4:53pm
  • Melbourne, Australia
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I sent stuff off and then completely forgot this existed.

From reading some of your posts, it seems I haven't missed much.


James Salisbury

  • Wednesday 26th February 2014, 12:06pm
  • United Kingdom
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Just listened to episode 4 online

A fat club joke? Naming babies joke? Matt Lucas is blatantly recycling Little Britain sketches here yaaaaaaaaaawn.



  • Wednesday 26th February 2014, 2:05pm
  • Leeds, England
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Didn't listen, but guessing mine didn't get used.

Although this being broadcast did seem to coincide with me being followed by Matt Lucas on Twitter, weirdly...

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