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Carry On Up The Jungle

Carry On Up The Jungle. Image shows from L to R: Prof. Inigo Tinkle (Frankie Howerd), Bill Boosey (Sid James), Claude Chumley (Kenneth Connor). Copyright: Rank Organisation / Peter Rogers Productions.

Carry On Up The Jungle

The Carry On gang are joined by Frankie Howerd as they set off on an exotic jungle expedition. They encounter an all-female tribe and a sex-crazed gorilla


george roper

  • Friday 2nd August 2013, 12:24am [Edited]
  • 46 Peacock Crescent in Hampton Wick, England
  • 4,023 posts

The Carry On team send up the Tarzan tradition in great style. Lady Evelyn Bagley mounts an expedition to find her long-lost baby. Bill Boosey is the fearless hunter and guide. Prof. Tinkle is searching for the rare Oozalum bird. Everything is going swimmingly until a gorilla enters the camp, and then the party is captured by an all female tribe from Aphrodisia.

This one is brilliant. Nice to see Frankie Howerd, Terry Scott and Jacki Piper in this film. Another great film from the gang.

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  • Sunday 17th December 2017, 5:29pm
  • Wakefield, England
  • 121 posts

I was typing Carry on Forever on Youtube and I found this. It's behind the scenes of the 1970s film Carry on Up the Jungle. I enjoyed watching this, interviews with the stars.


Billy Bunter

  • Sunday 17th December 2017, 8:43pm
  • The Sussex Coast, England
  • 449 posts

The entire 3-part "Carry On Forever" series is being repeated on ITV3 at 7pm on Boxing Day from 4:55pm to 8:00pm.



  • Sunday 7th January 2018, 12:45am
  • W1A, Scotland
  • 73 posts

Being stuck in deepest, darkest Wales with no broadband I probably ended up watching most of the Carry On films over the Christmas period. Even the weaker ones (and I'm afraid I'd probably include Jungle in this category) are well worth watching again. Only saw the final part of 'Carry On Forever' but does make me want to seek out the earlier episodes even if I'm probably familiar with the history.

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