Comedy Feeds 2013



  • Tuesday 2nd July 2013, 11:59pm [Edited]
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Anybody watched any of these? I'm always interested in watching pilots, although some I don't quite manage to get through.

Watched one so far, and that being C-Bomb. Despite being a mixture between Alan Partridge and Daniel Kitson's Duncan Beach character in That Peter Kay Thing, I felt he had a few funny moments and was surprisingly a very watchable character. The show was let down by the last third, which was horrifically predictable, formulaic and unrealistic. Which was a shame because I enjoyed the beginning.

Viewed any of these?



  • Friday 19th July 2013, 9:08am [Edited]
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Saw the Kerry one and that was truly dire. Bad, predictable gags repeated 3 times just in case we didn't 'get' them first time around.