Stephen Merchant's Hello Ladies Page 6



  • Saturday 23rd May 2015, 9:25pm
  • Wolverhampton, England
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Pre-ordered the DVD and arrived yesterday. Such a great series, shame it got cancelled.



  • Thursday 4th June 2015, 2:53pm
  • England
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I just watched the 'movie' again and found it quite enjoyable. Wrapped it up very neatly.


Alfie J

  • Monday 22nd June 2015, 3:02pm
  • England
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Was absolutely gutted this got canned. And the film didn't - for me anyway - match the brilliance of the series.


Tommy Griff

  • Wednesday 21st November 2018, 9:56pm [Edited]
  • Wiltshire, England
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This was a hilarious series.

I can't help but think if Gervais' name was tied to this in any way, they'd have got another series. Something really bothers me about this because Gervais' work is essentially a load of tosh post Office and Extras, but because he is a legend in his own right, he will always get that second series. Why not Merchant? Not as trendy to..

If Merchant had tried not to be Hollywoody (and is trying his hardest to this very day), and had written this as a UK sitcom, he'd have probably got himself a second and third series.