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David Smith

  • Thursday 18th April 2013, 5:50pm
  • Aberdeen, Scotland
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Brendan O' Carroll



  • Friday 19th April 2013, 8:02pm
  • England
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I worked for the BBC, so I met quite a few comedy stars... one of the nicest comedians I met was Rob Brydon, a really funny guy, easy to talk to and no chip on his shoulder. The worst comedian I met was....



  • Monday 26th August 2013, 10:57am [Edited]
  • Glasgow, Scotland
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Used to walk into Phil Kay of a morning. So gave him the traditional "How's it going?" that, despite ending with a question mark doesn't require an answer. Just say "Hi", "Hello" or even "How's it going?" as a reply. That will suffice. It's Glasgow. Go figure. Do you know he had the bad manners to tell me how it was going. He said, and I quote "Mumble mumble mumble ...not very well...mumble mumble mumble." I'll treasure that memory always.


george roper

  • Monday 26th August 2013, 11:41am [Edited]
  • in the back on stan butlers bus ., England
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Sheila R
Sally Geeson
Richard Gibson and Kim Hartman
Tessa Peake-Jones & Gwyneth Strong
Paul Barber
Roy Marsden & Christopher Ryan
Ben Smith
Steven Woodcock


Gordon Bennett

  • Monday 26th August 2013, 1:10pm [Edited]
  • Basel, Switzerland
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Quote: george roper @ August 26 2013, 11:41 AM BST

Tessa Peake-Jones & Gwyneth Strong
Paul Barber

Where did you meet them? At a convention?


george roper

  • Monday 26th August 2013, 1:26pm [Edited]
  • in the back on stan butlers bus ., England
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Yes, I met them at the NEC Memorabilla Show in Birmingham in November last year.


Longing For The Old Classics

  • Monday 26th August 2013, 7:05pm [Edited]
  • London, England
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Quote: Rupe @ April 18 2013, 2:51 PM BST

None, but I once walked past Timothy Spall in Soho. I must have slowed down and done a double-take (blimey. That's Timothy Spall - is it?) because what I remember most was the intensely assiduous way he was staring at the pavement as he went by, as if he really really didn't want to be recognised. Quite a small fellow, but distinctive. An actor of Godlike genius too.

I too met him once in an off licence in Forest Hill, he used to live there. I was starstruck being only about 8 but he was the rudest, most cantankerous person I have ever met in my life. My aunt actually had to stop my uncle flattening as he made me cry with his barrage of abuse. True story.


Stephen Goodlad

  • Monday 26th August 2013, 7:13pm
  • Mirfield, England
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I saw Patrick Mower and Suzanne Danielle having a crafty snog behind some boarding while he was filming a bit for the motor show.

That was before anyone knew they were an item. I kept to to myself though.

AvatarBCG Supporter

A Horseradish

  • Monday 26th August 2013, 7:24pm [Edited]
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I have played pool with Lenny Henry.

There are others who might be mentioned sometime.



  • Monday 26th August 2013, 7:40pm
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Norman Wisdom.



  • Monday 26th August 2013, 8:54pm [Edited]
  • Wolverhampton, England
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I met John Challis last month in Waterstones whilst on holiday in Weston Super Mare.



  • Tuesday 27th August 2013, 4:55am [Edited]
  • Canada
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I haven't met any personally, although I was a small baby when my Mum and Dad met Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow of Keeping Up Appearances) in the pub they managed in Lancashire. He came in, at this point he was still on Corrie, and joined in on the darts team. They got their photos taken with the darts and Hughes and afterwards invited him to stay for his dinner. I don't know if he counts but, again, when I was a small baby they met Tom Jones when he came into the Pub for a stop over.

I really should stop starting every sentence with "My parents..." Annoyed



  • Tuesday 27th August 2013, 8:47am [Edited]
  • New Zealand
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The comedy A list star Gavin Richards. Who you ask? He played Captain Alberto Bertorelli in 'Allo 'Allo!. Not much scope to meet many here in NZ.