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Hercules Grytpype Thynne

  • Sunday 20th August 2017, 4:49pm
  • England
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Syd Little on Felixstowe sea front when he and Eddie were appearing at the Spa Pavilion there sometime in the 90s and short while after I had had a sketch accepted for their TV show.

And Lenny Bennett and his then comedy partner Jerry Stevens when they did a private stage show in Nice for the franchise photographic company I was with at the time in the late 70s. I have a photo somewhere of me and them getting pissed in the hotel bar.

OH! And David Frost on Ipswich railway station in about 1964 when I was going to London for a job interview and he had just been to see his parents at Beccles in the north part of Suffolk. I only had a second class ticket but was determined to talk to him and so sat with him in first class, hoping the ticket inspector wouldn't appear. He didn't and David got off at Colchester (short trip) to be interviewed for something. He disappeared to the bog to put some make-up on and when he came back it was a bit of a shock to see how thick he had laid it on his face!!
He told me that at the time he was writing a TV prog. (or it may have been an article) about Randolph Churchill. The other biding memory was he had really bad acne around his neck.
A really nice man who took the time to speak to a nobody like me - I bet his heart sunk when I sat in the opposite seat to him!!


Michael Monkhouse

  • Monday 21st August 2017, 8:32am [Edited]
  • Eternal City, Italy
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Nick Revell is my Italian girlfriend's aunt's Scottish husband's English cousin, and as it's such a close tie he once got me into his stand-up free and we had a good talk afterwards. The Open Mic we run in Rome occasionally attracts knowns, but I'm talking the Italian circuit... The following don't really count as it was just for autographs but: Alexei Sayle, Eddie Izzard, Kit Hollerbach, Jeremy Hardy, David Baddiel, Jack Dee, Diane Spencer, Nick Wilton, Ballard Berkley (the major in Fawly Towers). At university I knew Mitchell and Webb but not so well, and Borat's Dan Mazer. Dan was confident and career-orientated. This is English for 'didn't give a f**k about anyone else, least of all shits like me'.
Molly Sugden's bridesmaid?

Quote: Aziza Sabah @ 6th January 2014, 9:16 PM I once met Dustin Hoffman about 20 years ago! ( well he was funny in Tootsie) Pleased

He is hilarious in 'The Graduate'! That film's like the Catcher in the Rye in that the first time around I only got the humorous aspect,, and the seriousness only seeped in slowly.
I love it when you meet a celeb for 5.29 seconds and this convinces you Yeah, (s)he's really NICE.

Quote: wayne fenton @ 6th November 2013, 12:24 AM I nearly forgot Terry Scott when I was six.

When did you remember him?


Billy Bunter

  • Tuesday 22nd August 2017, 4:46pm [Edited]
  • The Sussex Coast, England
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Me (conveniently cropped off) assisting Frank Williams to get some sandwiches & cake from the bar. More tea, vicar?




  • Wednesday 23rd August 2017, 2:38pm
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I met Gary Delaney.
Saw him perform in a pub in Exeter, seemed like a nice bloke



  • Sunday 22nd October 2017, 1:06am [Edited]
  • W1A, Scotland
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David Frost. For reasons far too complicated to go into I had to store the Frost on Sunday sofa. I think its fair to say that he wasn't quite as humble as when Hercules met him. Although to be fair (to the title of the title of the thread) it had been a long time since he'd done comedy.

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  • Sunday 22nd October 2017, 1:44am
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Danny Devito, Johnny Knoxville, Jack Black, Drew Carey, Gallagher, Hillary Clinton (her campaigns were a joke.)



  • Sunday 22nd October 2017, 6:28am
  • Oregon USA, United States
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So far the most famous person I've met is Richard Herring (met him 4 times in 2 weeks because I'm a ridiculous person)
Also had a couple of nice chats with Trevor Lock at this year's fringe. Does he count as a comedy star? He's a star in my eyes.
I met Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric fame) at some after party/house party after he did a gig at the Portland comedy festival years back and then subsequently at an exclusive after after party with an open bar (I was definitely underage). His animator/editor Doug Lussenhop had the hots for my best friend so he snuck us in. I felt pretty special. Talked to Tim in the after after party briefly. He's very friendly and humble. Oh and I talked to Stuart Goldsmith a couple of times at the Fringe as well (and he responds to me on his facebook group and emails semi-regularly). Again, not super famous, but a top-notch comedian in my book. Absolute;ly genuinely kind and delightful human being too.

If I lived in the right country I'd probably have a lot more people on my list.

On a slight plus side, at my current job one of my coworkers who is ahead of me in the race to get promoted high enough to start their own office on our office's dime (at the level above where we are you get salaried and get a corporate bank account that receives 10% of weekly office profits until you get 15-20k then you pick 5 people to move with you and branch out somewhere to be the CEO of your own office.) Anyhow, he has decided to open his office in Londoncif he can (our CEO claims it's a definite possibility as we have two clients in London at the moment, British Telecom and Virgin Mobile) and I'm no 1 on his list to move with him. It's a more than a bit of a long shot right now, but that could possibly be my ticket into the country. Our broker handles all the work visa stuff which is my main hurdle in this whole epic quest to move to the UK. Gonna have to put up with at least a year of 6 days a week of 10 hours days of door to door marketing to get to that point, but I'm actuallly getting pretty dang good at it and having fun with it. Made enough in comission this week to earn another 300$ bonus, so my cheque for the week is goiing to be pretty chunky. Putting that money in my Fringe fund for now so I can meet more comedy stars!

How did you meet Danny Devito?



  • Tuesday 16th January 2018, 8:24pm
  • Fairyland, England
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Helen Fraser, Ian Lavender.



  • Tuesday 16th January 2018, 8:40pm
  • 127 Inkerman Terrace, Newcastle, England
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I once observed as a homosexual, a muslim, and Bernard Manning walked into a bar. Too much?

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Will Cam

  • Tuesday 16th January 2018, 9:36pm
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Quote: Loopey @ 16th January 2018, 8:24 PM Helen Fraser, Ian Lavender.

Yey, welcome back Loopey, where in the heck have you been?Wave



  • Wednesday 17th January 2018, 6:40pm [Edited]
  • Fairyland, England
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Quote: Will Cam @ 16th January 2018, 9:36 PM Yey, welcome back LoopeyWave

Thank you



  • Friday 23rd February 2018, 12:30pm
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Unfortunately I haven't *met* any comedy stars yet, but (true to my name, I suppose) I did spot Rowan Atkinson at the airport once. Made me think of that news story a bunch of years ago where he was apparently being flown across Kenya in a private plane and flew the plane himself for a bit when the pilot fainted...



  • Friday 23rd February 2018, 10:07pm
  • 127 Inkerman Terrace, Newcastle, England
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Adolf Hitler. His George Formby impression was spot on, his Charlie Chaplin less so.....



  • Friday 23rd February 2018, 11:38pm
  • Derbys, England
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I've seen Peter Kay and Jo Caulfield in (different) motorway services car parks.

Many years ago I was in the family Ford Prefect when my dad nearly knocked down Ted Lune on Blackpool front.


Stephen Goodlad

  • Saturday 24th February 2018, 8:46am
  • Mirfield, England
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I did a `rock on Tommy` to Bobby Ball in a pub in Torquay.
They both smiled as they ate their ploughmans lunch and pint.
I bet no one had ever said that to them before.