Comedy that should be repeated on Dave Page 2

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  • Thursday 26th September 2013, 10:23pm
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Oh, I don't know, The Magnificent Evans is pretty pony.



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Quote: Tursiops @ September 26 2013, 10:23 PM BST

Oh, I don't know, The Magnificent Evans is pretty pony.

Good point.

The more I read about Ronnie Barker, the more I think he was just an appalling c**t.

This is probably not a fashionable view of the man.

He was good in 'Porridge' mind. Maybe because he didn't write it, but still seemed to get all the credit. Wanker.

Again, not the the prevailing wind...

Quote: G180e @ August 31 2013, 3:49 PM BST

I wished Dave would rerun Series 1 & 2 of Lee Nelson's Well Good Show.




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Only fools and horses defoooooooo :)

Mighty Boosh I just did not understand or find funny :/

Yes, I do have a GSOH lol


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Comedy Connections

Shooting Stars since the beginning till the bastard BBC axed it. Why???

Maybe Series 1 to Series 8 of Steptoe And Son.