The Likely Lads

This classic British comedy film is a spin off from the TV series The Likely Lads.

It's a 1976 British comedy film directed by Michael Tuchner, starring James Bolam and Rodney Bewes.

Anyone else love this film? I know I do. Smarmy

Surprised there is not already a thread about this, but, yes, one of the few feature film spin-offs that truly works. Despite its episodic structure it stands up as a realised whole.

Yeah it was a very good film. They were not gonna make anymore after the film because they had an argument at the time the film were released.

The ending of the film neatly brought the series full circle so it was good place to end.

I liked the Christmas special of the show because it had a lot of very good jokes and I loved the fancy dress party bit.

Yeah not a bad film. I'm not a big fan of the TV series but the film is quite decent. Watchable!

Yeah have you got a DVD.

Quote: David Smith @ March 24 2013, 9:21 PM GMT

Yeah have you got a DVD.

DVD player?

No the Likely Lad film on DVD?

It was given away with the Sun some years ago. So, if you're lucky you might pick it up in a charity shop for "a donation".

Life is a chocolate box and I've already had the first layer and someone's eaten all the soft centres.

I bought mine for a 6.50.

I got mine a couple of years ago now. I paid a fiver for it.

Where did you get yours from George?

The Good old days of HMV when it was first released on DVD