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Suicide The Movie

Bit of a mystery this.

In Butterfly Brain Barry Cryer talks about pitching a film with Kenny Everett to the film director Stanley Kubrick entitled Suicide the Movie. According to the anecdote, Kenny Everett backed out. However there seems to be a videotape of Suicide the Movie by Barry Cryer and Ray Cameroon in the Texas State University: . You can't request for copies for items from the University. There are no records for it on IMDB.

Was it a real film or just rushes for the film? Who directed it?

EDIT:Have informed Missing Presumed Wiped at British Film Institute, anyhow.

My guess would be that it's a recording of either the pitch itself or pitching materials.

It was never made, nor did they ''pitch'' it to Stanley Kubrick. Stanley has asked Kenny to do a voiceover for the UK TV spot trailer of 'The Shining'. When they met Stanley asked Kenny what he was working on and Kenny replied ''Suicide''. He explained the plot, which Stanley liked and wanted to direct. Unfortunately it never happened in any capacity and never got past the initial first draft script. I've not idea what the video is, but it's definitely not a finished film.

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