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The Boy Who Can't Stop Dancing:


The end of the Jack Bruce Tribute concert on Sky Arts. "We're going wrong" Ginger Baker playing and Aruba Red who I've never heard of but see she is Jack's daughter. A great version.

The BBC's superb "Bleak House", which has started a re-run on Drama. The BBC has many faults, but their Dickens adaptations are always brilliant, classic TV.

Many famous faces, with some surprises, such as Liza Tarbuck and Johnny Vegas, both perfect in the parts they play.

PBS America. The personal stories of American soldiers fighting at the front in WW2

One soldier told of how he was chased into a bombed house by several Germans shooting at him.
He ran upstairs and and kept his Garrand M1 rifle aimed down the stairs.

The Germans knew they were sitting ducks if they ran up the stairs so they fired around the corner with pistols to draw his fire, waiting until he had to reload. It would take him a good few seconds to reload and they could then charge him.

The garrand makes an unmistakable noise when the clip is ejected (if you have played war video games you will know the sound)
The crafty/brave soldier fired a shot and threw an empty clip on the floor. They charged and he shot them all.

Phut!................Ding! "Pick the lead out of that, you dumb assed Krauts", and so, he went on to win the war single-handedly and save Britain from the Jackboot.. "Think nuttin' of it Hern".......................

The Crown (the renowned series with Claire Foy and later Olivia Colman) pre downloaded, almost at the end now.
What a beautiful thing, what an effort from all who made it. One of the best series I've ever seen.

Question on House of Games said there were 295 episodes of Last of the Summer Wine - imagine binge watching all those. Sleepy

I really don't understand this and I don't know what exactly the complaint was on Live Island.


Surely the whole idea of Love Island is worthy of complaint! And why would anyone who watches it really be shocked by anything that might happen on there.


Channel 5. Now.

Alex Polizzi's in a mask.

What a turn on is that?

The Proms

Re-run of "Bleak House" on Drama.

Fantastic production with that BBC magic - wonderful cinematography, wonderful actors (even Johnny Vegas as Krook!) and, of course, a wonderful story, as are all Dickens. Oh, and the gorgeous Gillian Anderson. Lovey

Did see it when it first aired about 15 years ago, and my only gripe now is the bloody adverts, which seem to appear every 10 minutes - Grrrrrrrr Angry

Best of last 10 years of the European Red Bull Soapbox races - absolutely hysterical. All of them are ingenious what they come up with, but you can't help wondering how much testing they did of the design when some of them don't even make it beyond the end of the starting ramp.
2 hours, and so bloody funny. Laughing out loud Here's a taster, but the really funny ones are not in this short clip.............

Love the show. It appeals to the kid in me.
Used to make these carts - although we called them bogies when I was a lad.

Pram wheels, some wood and nails and washing line for the steering rope.

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 2nd September 2021, 8:12 AM

Love the show. It appeals to the kid in me.
Used to make these carts - although we called them bogies when I was a lad.

Pram wheels, some wood and nails and washing line for the steering rope.

Same here - with no fear as we hurtled down the hill outside my house. Ahh, happy days. :)

The only injury I ever sustained was violently trying to cut the axle off a pram "over the dump" with my Dad's Junior hacksaw, slipping with it and nearly severing the top of my left hand index finger off. Still have the scar.

Nasty cuts with a junior hacksaw. Ragged and deep.

Just like the show, we were learning about centrifugal forces. Take the corner too fast and you and whoever was on the bogie with you parted company with it.