DVD release for kid's CITV sitcom 'Spatz'

Hi everyone please I need your help.

Does anyone remember the kids sitcom called Spatz? It was shown on CITV in the early 90s and was made by Thames TV. I have emailed Network DVD asking if they would release all the series on DVD. They said they have made a note of it and they love getting suggestions for releases. CITV was 30 years old last weekend and they showed an episode of it as part of their special celebration weekend. It brought back so many good memories of how much I loved that show and it is still great. As we know Network DVD have released hundreds of classic ITV soaps, dramas and comedies. They also have released some other classic kids CITV shows. They have yet to release Spatz but I am being really hopeful it will happen eventually. I have already requested it. Please guys could you help me out and contact Network DVD and recommend it to them. The more interest the better. Please I would really appreciate it if you could, all other fans out there please contact and suggest releasing all the series of Spatz.

Here is the link: http://www.networkdvd.net/

On their home page they are actually talking about CITV's 30th and the shows they have already released.

Many Thanks!

Sorry also could you all let me know when you have contacted them please? Thanks so much again xx

There's no need to get pissy after less than 24 hours.

I wasn't lol, it just feels like you get ignored all the time. Thought we all help each other out. xx

Hi Richard!

Thanks for your post - and I'm totally behind you on this. 'Spatz' really needs to be released on DVD, and I will do everything I can to help make it happen. I was 9 years old when 'Spatz' first started and I loved it from the start. I'm 32 now and, having watched the repeated episode from a week ago, and the three I preserved on VHS, I still find it highly entertaining and love it just as much.

I will send an e-mail to Network DVD now urging them to release it. An astounding 270,000 people watched it last Sunday - that's got to prove there's now renewed interest in it.

Thanks, and keep in touch. Let's try to make this happen. :)


I used to love Spatz - was about 8 when it started! I used to really fancy Karen played by Jennifer Calvert.

Dude, if you wanna watch it that bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t_BxiX-5JU fill ya boots. There is loads on there.

On a personal note. I couldn't stand this :(

Well Nigel! I am only interested in hearing from other fans thankyou!

Quote: Richard Saunders @ February 12 2013, 7:16 PM GMT

Well Nigel! I am only interested in hearing from other fans thankyou!

I think you forget this is a public forum. A place where you can have an open opinion. If you want privacy give um your card. You might be more suited to the CITV/CBEEBIES forum instead of this well meaning adult one. Wave

Oh man, I loved that as a kid.

A real walk down memory lane. Can't say I have any urge to own it on DVD though.

Urgh, I just watched a bit on YouTube, I thought I liked it when I was a kid. Must have been thinking of something else.

I will however send an email, need to send another 2point4 one anyway.

Because the world is a completely mental place, when I was back in the UK last weekend I was having a meal with friends and one of the girl's had her new boyfriend there (much older than she was) who was the tap dancer in the beginning. I couldn't Adam and/or Eve it. I don't think he really believed me when I said I saw it on YouTube just a few days before.