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  • Monday 31st December 2012, 11:05pm
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Excellent is quite a stretch.



  • Monday 31st December 2012, 11:06pm
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Well half of my affection is from sentimentality. But a nice set of zig zagging gags very much of the time.


Wwe222 333

  • Tuesday 1st January 2013, 10:08am [Edited]
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I think I remember this. Him out of Minder was in it.
It was ok but it did not make me laugh.



  • Tuesday 29th October 2013, 11:27pm [Edited]
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I watched this recently and I don't believe I laughed once. A few smirks were raised by the various sight gags involving satirical billboards about communism, but that was it. George Cole is on good form, but has a dire script to work with. As SootyJ said above, it is very much of its time.

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  • Thursday 14th January 2021, 8:16am
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Flicking through the Radio Times guide to TV comedy I found out about an untitled strand of pilots on BBC Two, which this was part of. It was successful in the sense that all four pilots got series, but none of them got much further than that. And this is the only one with a thread.

The others were Hilary, The Clairvoyant, and The New Statesman (not the Rik Mayall one obviously).