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He writes good songs?

23 years ago today, the Spice Girls released Stop. Stop was the first Spice Girls single not to reach number one. Stop Stopped at number two, Stopping their run of number ones. I use that to break the ice at parties. I don't get invited to parties very often.

I don't understand the Grammies. How many bloody categories are there?

Rap song. Rock performance.

How about Songs with "The" in the title? Record by someone over 75 years old?

Elkie Brookes at her raunchy best.

They played Fats Domino's Blue Monday on the wireless this morning. As soon as the intro came on, I started singing Bonnie and Clyde... Only it turned out it wasn't. Anybody else?

I prefer New Order's version. I don't say that often.

I just read, The Clash is the self-titled album by The Clash... That's the level of intelligence I'd expect from someone who listens to The Clash in 2021. Fun question: Which ex-Beatle drummer released Ringo, Ringo's Rotogravure, Ringo the 4th, Ringo Rama and Ringo 2012? Clue: He regularly tours with his All-starr Band as Ringo and his All-Starr Band, releasing Ringo and his All-Starr Band, Ringo and his All-Starr Band Vol. 2, Ringo and his All-Starr Band Vol. 3 and the 'best of' The Best Of Ringo and his All-Starr Band.

Madonna still looks fabulous at 60! What a triumph! A triumph for photoshop, makeup and lighting. And plastic surgery. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Apparently a fifth of all songs streamed are Rap.

Is this because : -

A) The kind of person who likes Rap doesn't want to buy the records?
B) The kind of person who likes Rap hasn't got the space to own records?
C) The kind of person who likes Rap isn't interested in owning things unless they belong to someone else.

D) The kind of person who likes Rap is young and not a grumpy old person.

I hate rap. Dem badass dudes needs a muddaf**kin' dissin'.
Been listening to Wings' London Town. It's fine apart from the folk ballads, which are total shit.

I'm not convinced They've all totally changed and the article is pretty vague - 'The Sun reports...' Even if it happpens, it'll taking bleedin' years. Keeping my free fingers crossed though.

Ringo Starr's New Album 'Peace and Love', Tracklisting
1. Peace (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
2. Love (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
3. Peace and Love (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
4. Love and Peace (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
5. Liverpool (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
6. Liverpool, Peace and Love (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
7. Liverpool and Peace (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
8. Peace, Love and Liverpool (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
9. 'Loverpool' (Liverpool and Love) and Peace (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
10. Peace Out (collaboration with Paul McCartney)
Bonus track. Back off Boogaloo (remix by Paul McCartney)

I just read that around the time of Blur's Country House, guitarist Graham wanted to kill himself. And I admit it: so did I... I wanted to kill him for putting out that piece of shit. 'Lives in a house, f**king big house in the c**try,' it is total and utter f**king shit.

When cretins review albums - part 57

New Order - Republic

"my favourite New Order album
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 July 2010
I have just recently re-discovered this after many years, and it is now my favourite New Order album. When it first came out in '93 (I think) I probably dismissed it as being too 'lightweight'. It's true that it's not as sublime as some of their earlier work, but I now think this is a great New Order album. It holds together as a whole album, with no dud tracks. The weakest track for me is the opener, the single 'Regret', with those awful lines 'I would like a place I could call my own, have a conversation on the telephone'. All in all a good example of NO's work (and also a bit like early Electronic). Great electro-pop, a good blend of the melancholic and the uplifting, and really well-produced with a well-balanced lush, sound. Also Barney's singing is better on this album than on any other New Order album. The cover is a bit naff, although more interesting inside, and suggestive to me of a sort of Koyanasquatsi theme (!) If you like New Order then 'Republic' is essential for your collection."

You sir, are an idiot