In Sickness And In Alf.


Mr Garnett

  • Sunday 23rd September 2012, 3:16am
  • Newham, England
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September 23rd 2012

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

Owing to a Government grant, I now own a computer. I intend to pass on some general words of comfort at which is currently being designed for me. I must admit, I was septical at first, but this internet is a very good thing. Already I have been contacted by the son of a former African politician who says he is going to deposit a large sum of money in my account.

Mr A.E. Garnett Esq.


Agnes Guano

  • Tuesday 25th September 2012, 10:52pm
  • Tediumcester, England
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You could do with a bit more bleeding swearing.

Even if I do like your football logo...


Mr Garnett

  • Saturday 29th September 2012, 3:42pm
  • Newham, England
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Thank you, my dear. I have been known to let the odd word slip out in moments of extreme provocation. Like finding out some sod in Nigeria has access to my Post Office account now.



  • Saturday 29th September 2012, 3:44pm
  • London, England
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Quote: Mr Garnett @ September 23 2012, 3:16 AM BST

I must admit, I was septical at first

You can get some cream for that


Gordon Bennett

  • Saturday 29th September 2012, 5:11pm
  • Basel, Switzerland
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Sam & Ella poisoning is worse. ;)