Louis Theroux DVD question?


Tom G

  • Sunday 11th March 2012, 6:56pm
  • England
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Does anyone know if there is a complete Louis Theroux DVD collection available?

I've had a browse on Amazon and there seems to be a number of collections but they all seemed to contain different things.

Is there a complete collection of his work, and if not, what combination of box sets would you need to get a complete collection?



  • Sunday 11th March 2012, 6:59pm
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I'd doubt it he made his shows for diferent channels and companies.



  • Sunday 11th March 2012, 7:53pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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I think you'd need to go down the illegal route for anything nearing 'complete'. As sooty says, he's had programmes on a number of channels, and some pretty obscure niche-interest type shows at that, so only the handful of most notorious programmes have every - and any time soon are likely - to appear on DVD.