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Co-writer wanted



  • Tuesday 31st January 2012, 12:31am
  • England
  • 2 posts

Hey folks,

I'm a 26 year-old writer looking for a writing partner in the London area. I've been a freelance writer for a few years now and have had a number of articles commissioned for most of which have had a million or more hits. I'm now looking to get into more sketch or possibly sitcom based comedy.

OK, a word on the auld influences, as you all know this is difficult so I'll pick a few random names/shows from a variety of different styles of comedy, such as:

Monthy Python, The Thick of It, Buster Keaton, The Office, The Mighty Boosh, Paul Merton, The Daily Show, Stewart Lee, Spike Milligan, Flight of the Conchords, Tim Minchin and many. many others, some of whom who are definitely women.

Anyone interested can check out some of my writing at or Some of this isn't comedy based but is definitely worth reading, except the bits that aren't.

Hit me up here or on




  • Tuesday 31st January 2012, 12:58am
  • England
  • 136 posts

Hi Kevin,
I tried the link for '5 horrifing things...' on but it lead nowhere???



  • Tuesday 21st February 2012, 10:27pm
  • England
  • 2 posts

Hey, I'm from London, currently at Sussex University, but I'm in London a couple times a month + holiday breaks etc.

Not sure what to say, I haven't had much experience to be honest. I have a few ideas, and I've written a bit.

What do we do from here?




  • Saturday 25th February 2012, 8:20pm
  • Manchester, England
  • 22 posts

Well done, Kevin - getting published on Cracked is hard!


Safdar Shah

  • Friday 2nd March 2012, 3:42am
  • Birmingham, England
  • 54 posts

"Co-writer wanted"

Write in front of a mirror.

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