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Why mention it then?

Because I thought people might want to read it.
But to explain it to someone who's explicitly stated that they're not going to read it seemed like a waste of time.
Plus there's Google.

If had a guilty secret it would be that I love the 87th Precinct novels of Ed McBain they are so easy to read and great yarns, There is even an arch villain known as the 'Deaf Man' they are dated and corny but they take an hour or so and you get a good little read.

I think he's a great writer.
Wrote some good screenplays too.

I have never seen his screen plays I should imagine that if they are cop based they would be Light Noir as his books read that way. I liked Abby Mann's Kojak as while it looks lightweight now it was a lot more gritty than most in its day.

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Much like the virus, it'll take your breath away.


It's best to read the history of a war after it's finished not when it's still going on.
They are a bit previous,aren't they?

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Then I'm certainly not going to waste my time explaining it.

Well it proves I only read half of anything. Failure it says. You can prove failure retrospectively. Knowledge is a great thing.

It's the story of 2020 and the mistakes made.
Not sure why your finding that so hard to grasp.

Yes some failures but great successes too, the first country in the world to get their covid vaccine approved. This included the unprecedented step of the state underwriting the vaccine for any potential fatalities or other lasting side effects in its testing or use. It allowed our scientists to go flat out in the development, while the French failed to produce one for the EU, who were then late in ordering theirs, no doubt because they were desperate to avoid having to order ours.

Oh the humiliation for them. Glorious. *England**Scotland**Wales* And to think Boris got heavily criticised for going it alone and refusing the tariff free offer of receiving the EU's ventilators and vaccine. What vaccine? The best advert for Brexit and any exit from the failing EU imaginable. It doesn't look like they'll ever get over it. :)

The EU is about to disintegrate.

If it does then Germany will come out as winners as France will make our lives even harder as we are wholly reliant on access through its borders for a great deal of food and medicine imports and for our trade exports.
As it stands now while I am totally aware of the dangers of Covid I also suspect that the extension of the furlough scheme is designed to mask the damage of Brexit.
If mass unemployment comes then the Tory voting northerners that have been encouraged to adhere to the lie that Universal Credit is an easy life for layabouts are in for a shock as people can barely live on it. So I suspect that the 80% that the Tories are paying people to stay away from work is a way of diluting the forthcoming shock of life on 15% ,

So it's be in our gang or we will punish you - remind you of anything going off at Batley Grammar school?

I wonder at what point rejoiners will realise brexit was a great idea. never I expect.
They'll continue to look for downsides while ignoring anything good happening.

Ste this is not the stand point of a Remainer it is based on what I can see with my own eyes and I don't see anything good in it and I don't sense anything good in it on the horizon.
And given that historically we have fought France for over 800 years I don't see the French as being anything but Petulant & Punitive.
I could be wrong I have been before but at best all I sense from posts like Chappers is that the fall of of the EU is more important to him than the prosperity of his own country as it will effect us in so many ways.
We are out and we shall stay out but don't tell me there is no damage on the way as even the most staunch Brexiteers like Rees Mogg has openly admitted that there may well be 5 to 10 years of pain. Its just a pity a small person like myself has little resources to buffer the hardship.
I can only speak about myself Ste I am low paid I have no savings and I am worried about whats heading toward me, Its not points scoring its worry and I have it and I express it.

The book was written by journalists from Murdoch's pro-Brexit Sunday Times.
Their original investigation was funded by the pro-Brexit Sunday Times.
It's not about Brexit - it's about unnecessary deaths & the mistakes that caused them.
In the last few pages they are full and hope & praise for the vaccination program.
Why are you talking about Brexit?
You won. Get over it.

My comment was more to do with it's easy to criticise. The Government took the advice they believed in. I'm not saying they didn't make mistakes but what else can you do at the time?