What was the name of this show ?

Father, Dear Father. Image shows from L to R: Anna Glover (Natasha Pyne), Patrick Glover (Patrick Cargill), Nanny (Noel Dyson), Karen Glover (Ann Holloway). Copyright: Thames Television.

Father, Dear Father

Crime novelist Patrick Glover struggles to juggle an ex-wife, a Nanny, his ageing mother, two young daughters - and the occasional romantic interlude



  • Thursday 22nd December 2011, 10:36pm [Edited]
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Hello from across the pond. Wave

My question is... A sitcom in 1970s/1980s ?
A father with 2 teenage daughters & a big shaggy dog, possibly a bearded collie or old English sheepdog.
It was funny & I enjoyed it very much.
Now at 51 years old I can not remember the name of it. :S

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you !



  • Thursday 22nd December 2011, 10:48pm
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Aw, I love that programme!



  • Thursday 22nd December 2011, 10:51pm
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Dear Aaron,

YES; That seems to stir some of my cobwebs! !

Thank you so very much !! :D



  • Thursday 22nd December 2011, 11:08pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Pleasure. Don't know if anything is available on Region 1 DVD, but there's also a film version and an Australian series.



  • Thursday 22nd December 2011, 11:27pm
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Great Thanx Aaron !!



  • Saturday 24th December 2011, 7:49am
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ISTR the two daughters helped me through those difficult teenage years ;)



  • Tuesday 27th December 2011, 5:24pm
  • Black Country, England
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I saw Father Dear Father on UK Gold in the early 90s and I thought it was hilarious! I am not sure if I would find the series as funny now, though.