Frank Skinner's Opinionated - Series 3



  • Thursday 10th November 2011, 10:09pm
  • London, England
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Is it about time that Skinner retires to the occasional spot on Countdown?

Or is there another venue better suited to his unique brand of light whimsy?



  • Thursday 10th November 2011, 11:08pm
  • England
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Haven't yet seen the show you're referring to - but going by his Absolute radio show/podcast, he's definitely still got "it".

Even if the first episode of this does turn out as poor as you say, I'd still happily give it another go off the back of that.



  • Thursday 10th November 2011, 11:20pm
  • England
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Expect better things from Frank, too many over-scripted jokes and references to X-Factor people I've never heard of (not his fault but he should aims his sights higher).



  • Thursday 10th November 2011, 11:46pm
  • Royal Berkshire, England
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Quite. A weak first show, and a totally unnecessary and negative distancing of himself from the audience with that desk. Get rid of it for episode 2 please. Ruined the relaxed feeling of the show, and Skinner looked incredibly uncomfortable, like he was perched high on a stool upon a stack of phonebooks.



  • Sunday 20th November 2011, 12:40am
  • Wales
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Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned... without Baddiel continues and it works some weeks.