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Quote: Hercules Grytpype Thynne @ 23rd October 2021, 3:21 PM

I wish I had the knowledge and nerve to engage in these phone/computer scammers, as some people do and reverse the situation by letting it go far enough so they can invade the scammers computer and reek havoc.

There's some beauts on FB. Laughing out loud

My favourite answer when a scammer tells me there is something wrong with my broadband or somesuch is: " Oh you have to talk to my Boss, he does everything relating to the payment. His phone number is 0300 123 2040"

That's actually the phone number on which to report scams. :)

NEARLY got caught out by this one, which I find alarming, as I'm usually so cynical. Even got as far as filling in my bank details (all for the 49p admin charge!!) until I woke up and thought WTF! This doesn't sound right................easily done I suppose, but my radar must have been down :-


Generate your new Green Pass (Booster dose)

Dear Sir/Madam,

New Green Pass can now be used to demonstrate proof of a booster or third dose for outbound international travel.

Starting today people who have had a booster or a third dose will be able to demonstrate their vaccine status through the Green Pass from 20 January 2022.

Old Green Pass will stop working from 30 January 2022 becoming inactive and everyone needs to generate a new Green Pass which will include Booster dose.

In order to get a new Green Pass follow the instructions.
Who is eligible?
All eligible people aged 18 or over.
UK citizens and their families, and legal residents.

How do I generate a new Green Pass?
You can generate your new Green Pass via NHS portal by clicking the button below:

This update to the Green Pass will mean people can have their complete medical picture at their fingertips if they are going on holiday or seeing loved ones overseas.

All eligible people aged 18 or over can get their booster jab at one of thousands of sites across the country.
It has never been easier to get this important extra protection - if you are aged 18 or over, or eligible for other reasons (such as being a frontline health or care worker, or at greater risk from COVID-19), please get your booster vaccination now. This can be three months after your last dose.

I've had a lot of real-looking emails from anti-virus software companies telling me my subscription has or is running out.
The obvious 'click here' link is there to renew it.

But you really would think the scammers would try for a better email address


pigdead.com has just recently been registered for the free email address.