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Michael Monkhouse

  • Tuesday 16th March 2021, 9:51am
  • Eternal City, Italy
  • 5,749 posts

A guy needs a hobby.
I must be the best looking guy in the world. How else do you explain it - all these beautiful women who not only know about me but take the trouble to open a Facebook account and log on just to track me down and ask for my friendship? My personal favourite, 'I'm desperate for sex tonight.' Well you pay me then.

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Tuesday 6th April 2021, 7:27pm
  • Surreyish., England
  • 31,953 posts

An email supposedly from Argos.

We have been T-rying to contact you. You have won. Click He-Re.


Stephen Goodlad

  • Thursday 8th April 2021, 9:10am
  • Mirfield, England
  • 4,112 posts

Telephone call telling me I had been using my internet for illegal purposes and would be cut off within the hour and fined in court.
I must stay on the line and turn my computer on to receive a file from them that will block the illegal activity.

I asked Shelia (a nice Indian lady) what was the nature of the illegal activity.
I or someone with access to my computer has downloaded porn.

She said BT take this very seriously. I said I am not with them, I am with Virgin.
BT control all internet? Oh.
How can ths be, I don't own a computer. Just tv and phone with Virgin.
Line dead.