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  • Wednesday 15th July 2009, 6:46pm
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You project your TV shows onto poo?



  • Wednesday 2nd June 2010, 10:33am
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'Scrubs' is a look at the world through the eyes of an intern. Not some crusty cop or a desperate housewife, but an intern


Sound of Spinach

  • Friday 9th July 2010, 11:21pm
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I didn't catch Scrubs first time around, I caught episodes here and there and with it being on about 3 channels daily, quickly saw the whole thing and loved it!

Where to start? so many brilliant characters, and super hot women! I loved the voice overs and "words of wisdom" that frequented the show throughout, some powerful dialogue in this show if you listen for it. Reminded me a lot of The Secret Life Of Us (an Aussie drama that never got the recognition I thought it deserved)

The only comedy that has me in stitches every episode and has actually made me cry on more than one occasion.

* The episode with the girl who needs a transplant and dies in the end, I remember her singing right at the end.

* The use of Keane /Everything Changes when JD needs Elliott and she turns up to take him over the finishing line with her "ridiculously strong thighs" oh and when he sees her as a Dolphin!! hahahaha!!

* The old lady who was sick, and as she's getting better the intern who got sacked shakes her hand and "passes the green"

* The episode when Dr Cox has to ride the ambulance with the annoying woman and the point where you finally realise she's lost her son, OMG! shivers when I typed that!

* Brendan Fraser's appearances and eventual demise, that one REALLY got me and I could watch that one over and over, Dr Cox was brilliant throughout.

I LOVE it when a show surprises me, and I didn't see that coming and it made my jaw drop and shout Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

JD - "Where do you think we are?"

* Laverne!!! OMG! I was pleased they (sort of?) brought her back, when Carla finally went to see her before she died was so very emotional, a cracking episode however much you want her to wake up!

I've seen most episodes several times, I'd have a look through the TV guide and see which one was on and wish it was a different episode, but when it starts you just can't turn it off, every one has a moment you know is in it and makes you want to watch it.

My Musical was just brilliant, "Guy Love" was the perfect song for JD & Turk!

"For the last time, I'm Dominican!" awesome!

When they started introducing new characters I cringed, Gooch? was just awful, I wanted to smash that Ukelele over her head! The arrogant new intern and the guy with the weird glasses (who I thought of when I saw The IT Crowd just now) Dr Cox's wife Jordan is sublime in short doses, but when she became more frequent I found myself disliking her.

My Finale I only watched once, I smiled whilst a little tear ran down my cheek and haven't watched an episode since, not sure I want to see any new ones if it's still going.

I'm sure I'll watch them one day, but everything before that is utter brilliance, and I'll happily watch them over and over and still laugh.


One of my favourite moments, thank you Bingo!



  • Saturday 10th July 2010, 11:31am
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Quote: Sound of Spinach @ July 9 2010, 11:21 PM BST

Dr Cox's wife Jordan is sublime in short doses, but when she became more frequent I found myself disliking her.

I found her stiff botoxed face quite unnerving.


Matthew Stott

  • Sunday 11th July 2010, 7:31pm
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Quote: chipolata @ July 10 2010, 11:31 AM BST

I found her stiff botoxed face quite unnerving.

That did get increasingly odd. They did comment on her surgery several times, if I recall rightly, on the show itself; so was that her being a good sport, or was the weird face partially make up??

I wonder if the final series, with the new leads, will get shown over here?



  • Sunday 11th July 2010, 7:47pm
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I like Scrubs, but not seen enough of it. Need to start getting DVDs of it, methinks.


Matthew Stott

  • Sunday 11th July 2010, 7:50pm
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Quote: Ben @ July 11 2010, 7:47 PM BST

I like Scrubs, but not seen enough of it. Need to start getting DVDs of it, methinks.

I like it, but at times it also makes me cringe with its 'emotional moments' every episode. That can get a bit grating.


Steve Sunshine

  • Sunday 11th July 2010, 8:53pm
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I loved it
But it definitely peaked way before the last season.


The Numpty

  • Thursday 29th July 2010, 4:41pm
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I love British comedy but I also love some American comedy aswell and the show Scrubs is one of them. All the characters in the show are great but one of my favourites is The janitor who is played so well by Neil Flynn and this is just one of his many memorable quotes.

"Some hooligan keeps disconnecting the alarm. I told Security to look into it. But no, no, they'd rather catch the guy who's stealing organs from the transplant ward".



Definitely Tarby

  • Tuesday 25th June 2019, 8:08pm
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I love Scrubs and the it's being shown on 4Music at 7pm every day. Great they are showing it in sequence from season 1 episode 1 but almost every episode has something edited out. It's made me get my boxsets out for weekend binging.



  • Sunday 10th May 2020, 1:32pm
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I'm rewatching Scrubs from beginning to end (the end of course being the finale of Season 8) and I have to say I recommend it as something to lift your spirits in lockdown! It remains one of the funniest American sitcoms ever made and John C McGinley's Dr Cox one of the finest comedy characters created for the screen.